Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where Is The Substitue?

Oh my goodness, well everyone in my family except for my husband has been sick for the past two weeks. I thought everything was fine until I came down with the bug. Trying to homeschool young children while you are sick is a little difficult, but it can be done. Right now we spend about two to three hours on "school" each day. I took all of my meds. waited about 30 minutes and then I was able to accomplish my to do list for the day. Well, my homeschooling to do list. The laundry and cleaning had to wait. Since I was sick I did delay starting our math lessons. The plan was to begin Math on September 1, instead we started today, September 14. It went really well. I am using Saxon Math for my kindergartner. He has been waiting to open the "white box" with all of the manipulatives and today was the day! I let him and his brother play with the colored blocks - as stated in the teacher manual. They loved them! We also started numbering and coloring the calender. Caleb really enjoyed figuring out the days of the week, today's date and which month we are in. He is ready for all of the holiday festivities to begin so I think this is the perfect time to help him understand the calender.

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