Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Half Way Through!

We have made it half way through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I think I was the only one excited about this accomplishment so please be excited with me! Caleb is doing really well with this book. His reading and writing is getting better and better everyday. His favorite part is "wrecking" the letters. At the end of the lesson he writes out the letters as instructed in the book. Then once he is all done he turns the letters into people, monsters and just things. He loves it and it gives me a minute to tidy up the kitchen or fold a few clothes before we move on to our next homeschooling task or event.

Today was a very special day. We took a field trip to our front porch. In the middle of our lesson we heard a bunch of noise outside and look what we found.

It is a little hard to see but the city started doing road work on our street and they were unloading one of the huge machines right in front of our house.  The boys went crazy!  So we watched them unload and then drive down the road for a little bit.  It was a nice start to our day.  It would have been great to say we did a whole lesson on road work but we did just reach lesson 50 in our 100 Easy Lessons book and suprisingly Caleb was really excited to get back to finishing his lesson.


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  2. Oh, how fun! I love surprises like this one to interrupt the day. I bet Ethan wanted to drive that thing something fierce. Thanks for posting.

  3. We had to hold Ethan back. He would have been driving the thing down the road if we let him!