Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Journey Begins

I have officially begun homeschooling. I attended the curriculum fairs, chose my curriculum, joined Homelife Academy, an umbrella school, and started our home school journey. My child is in kindergarten so we are focusing on the basics; reading, writing and arithmetic. We have also joined Classical Conversations to help lay the learning foundation and to provide me with support I need in my new role as a teacher.

Caleb (my kindergartner) loves it! He did attend preschool and then VPK at a private school and really misses his friends but he really enjoys being home schooled. My husband bought him a few homeschooling shirts from Homelife Academy and Caleb chooses to wear them constantly.

I think I have a pretty good schedule down, at least for now. We are in the middle of renovating and moving into a new house so once things settle down I will adjust my schedule as needed. Currently, we sit down and do a devotional together. Next we accomplish one lesson a day in the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons workbook and then read through one Bob Book a day. I usually have him read a new book each week. Lastly, we go through the memorization work outlined in the Classical Conversations workbook. I was planning on starting Saxon math last week but I think I may put it off for another week. I will keep you posted!

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