Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting into the Homeschool Groove

This past week was a good week. A bit unorganized for my taste but overall it went really well. Myself and my children seem to have gotten over our colds and the renovation of our new home is starting to look more manageable and less overwhelming(I'm painting those walls instead of letting them cave in on me). I was able to accomplish most of the homeschooling goals I had set for Caleb and meet with a group of moms and kids in our Classical Conversations group. Plus, myself and the boys got a little creative!

The pictures were rotated during upload so put on your Yoga outfits and take a look at what we did.  First, Caleb suprised me when we woke up from his "nap".  He drew a Star Wars book for his cousin and wanted me to write the book for him.  I felt so honored! 

Next, myself and the boys built a barn.  They loved it!  I'm still finding foam flowers everywhere.

Finally, although I was not able to take pictures, I allowed Ethan to play with rice while I helped Caleb with his reading.  I received this creative idea from a homeschool mom.  It was such a great idea.  Ethan stayed busy for about 5 minutes and then I stayed busy for about 20 trying to get rice off my floor.  Next time I will get a bigger bowl and set everything up outside.  I'm learning! :)

We had a fun time at a CC family's house.  I was able to talk to two homeschooling mom's about how they go about their day.  One mom was just starting out like me and the other was a veteran.  We all did things differently so I loved hearing everything they had to say. I was able to learn so much from them and it just reminded me of how different we can be when we are homeschooling.  We all have different lives, our children learn differently and we teach differently but it works and so far it works great for my family!

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